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drivers hand book

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Win 2000/XP/Vista/7/8
Latest version:
7.17 1/5/12
Last month's downloads:
95 MB
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User reviews drivers hand book

  • November 06, 2012, 23:42 | Posted by Hugo1986

    same crap, different version, few minor changes to keep trying to make money off of this crapware. i wish there were a zero stars rating. be sure to read all the reviews below. again, same garbage with no real improvements. still trying to make money by passing this off as freeware when it is not. warning: do not install.
  • October 16, 2012, 00:38 | Posted by Thomas1971

    not ready for prime time.produces a mapi2 error that is quite common if one googles - but the solution is anything but.take this crap back and test more thoroughly m$ - it's just more of the same we've come to expect from you of late.two stars.
  • May 10, 2013, 17:48 | Posted by Benedick1974

    how can i rate it when i cannot open the program? it says in fileforum it is for xp/2000. not true. they only made a patch which does not seem to work. it says in website if patch does not work then program is not compatible with your operating system - no sh*t! it will not accept the user user or user password. waste of my time. it is an old program someone is trying to ressurect and make a buck off of. might be ok for 95 and 98 users.
  • November 08, 2012, 06:55 | Posted by Garry1974

    up to 4.84 now.great program. 6 annoying problems i can think of right now.1. the tool bar icons are ridiculously small. i'm not kidding you, those icons are only about 2mm on some displays. i think nenad has exceptional vision, and believes everyone else does. come on man, make the icons 4x bigger, or at least an option for large icons.2. the "save current state at desktop" is wonderful, but has a win 7 quirk. you can click the icon on the desktop and it works fine. however, when you pin it to the task bar, it starts in a tiny miniature window, not saving the window position and size settings.3.when you choose to not show the address bar, the tool bar icons also disappear. a "back", "forward", and "up 1 level" button among others are very important even without an address bar. 4. selecting the check boxes in the file window lags. you check the box, and it appears not to be checked. in a few seconds the box will then appear checked. this has been improved over the months, the delay used to be terrible, now it's not terrible, just bad. 5. refreshing is slow or absent. when files are deleted or moved, the window is not updated. i must use f5 a lot, very annoying.6. large file operations completely lock the program. when unzipping, moving or deleting large files, the program is completely unresponsive until the operation finishes. the windows explorer does not do this. this is annoying. i think q-dir needs better multi threading functionality.
  • December 18, 2012, 15:12 | Posted by Quintin1975

    winamp has become a little more bloated and buggy over the years but its still superior to itunes in pretty much every respect. unless you actually own apple hardware you have no use for this program, at all. correction: unless you just want it for the itunes store, you really have no need for itunes. winamp will fully support your ipod and it has plugins, skins and many other ways to customize the experience and will link directly to a number of music stores.
  • February 07, 2013, 15:36 | Posted by Augustus1975

    your fake reviews show that you are losers!
  • January 23, 2013, 02:10 | Posted by Brendan1977

    gezley: go ahead and flag the review. the opinion still stands regardless. oh, and btw, i'm not "white". i think foreigners' software is fantastic (which is why i've beta-tested dozens of programs over the years written by europeans such as rar and mydefrag). grab a tissue and read the review for what it is rather than inventing something it isn't.second shadow: omfg. *8-) thanks for helping with traffic to my site! once again, the opinion stands. this program is a bloated pile of convoluted rubbish - way too many cooks spoiled the broth - i'll bet they could save several megabytes off the install by simply removing the 'about screen' code. but thanks for ending your "masturbatory response" (this descriptive phrase is courtesy of gcaleval) with a review of the program itself, at least. you should teach mr caleval that technique - go check out the notepad++ review thread for details.
  • November 04, 2012, 23:09 | Posted by Phillip1986

    thank you, indispensable.
  • October 14, 2012, 23:13 | Posted by Miles1977

    if you don't like the interface there are skin installers with dozens of skins. great program, difficult to find a reason to pay with zips. blows winzip into the weeds.

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