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post driver plans

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Win 2000/XP/Vista/7/8
Latest version:
11.19 19/9/13
Last month's downloads:
49 MB
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User reviews post driver plans

  • October 03, 2012, 12:00 | Posted by Amos1986

    quoteimproper usage of this tool could result in damage to your applications or operating it is being released to the general public.
  • May 08, 2013, 22:26 | Posted by Alexander1984

    i'm not sure what small bugs were in 6.0, because i've yet to have any problems with it, and i use the program almost daily. the database change does speed up font display, especially of opentype fonts. however, i'll have to respectfully disagree with pater below, as i don't have the same experience with x-fonter as he had. much of x-fonter's layout is customizable, so unclutter it. but a font manager is built to provide every bit of information you need for each installed font. and i've never experience anything slow with x-fonter. ever.
  • December 08, 2012, 16:23 | Posted by Victor1971

    geared for the superstitious. why not just have the lotto machine generate the random numbers?
  • September 19, 2012, 10:14 | Posted by Constantine1979

    some interface and slow-down issues are showing up in this latest release. dragging and dropping entries onto the app often results in screen corruption, which sometimes can be dealt with by scrolling up and down the file list. also, when i do drag and drop those files over, sometimes the speed at which they are added is noticeably slower than 1.0.14 and 1.0.15.i hope the developer is able to lock down the code on the core features before adding the enhanced tag editing / presentation and other useful concepts. i'm a big supporter of bonk, but this development version does feel a bit more "raw" than i would have expected, and crashes happen frequently enough to be of concern.please keep up the good work, and thanks for keeping it free.
  • April 12, 2013, 02:42 | Posted by Dylan1975

    i've run it on windows 7 x64, server 2003 32-bit, and xp 32-bit (all oses fully up-to-date and on different hardware), and haven't had a single stability or network problem. much better than i expected, only complaints are that it doesn't seem to let you choose a custom resolution for running it windowed and that there doesn't seem to be any way to run it fullscreen on an extended desktop ("dualview" using nvidia's terminology) unless its resolution is the same as the primary display's . the latter, in particular, was disappointing.but i realize most people have no interest in running it this way, and it's an alpha. considering that and its freeware competition (or lack thereof), it's very, very, very good.
  • May 05, 2013, 21:20 | Posted by Domenic1978

    still amazes me that such a fantastic program is free (well, adware, but in a very unintrusive way). been using it for years it just keeps getting better.
  • December 27, 2012, 22:30 | Posted by Silas1972

    the team left oracle and decide to do libreoffice !"viva la libreoffice", said guy lunardi, product management director at novell.
  • December 03, 2012, 17:24 | Posted by Emory1988

    i am working on fixing update issues, as documented by the developer. i've yet to resolve them and get v1.7 working, but am going to make a new effort. i think residue from v1.6 is somehow affecting v1.7. for having an upgrade procedure that (in the developer's recommendation requires at least two re-installs) is odd and why i will take a star from this otherwise excellent utility.update: after numerous tries, i've still not resolved the update anomalies (lack of all shell integration). when i have time, i'll search for remaining v1.6 residue and see if i can fix it. this is on x64 systems. anyone else have trouble *ever* resolving this serious shell integration issue documented by the developer?
  • November 13, 2012, 04:49 | Posted by Myles1975

    @alalecthe bookmarks are far from ergonomic, which is why the bookmark 'functionality' is by far the number one complaint about google chrome.and what's with the 'web store' icon? sure does mess up a theme. heaven forbid if it should be placed on a toolbar instead.

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