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hp 8000 printer driver

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Win 2000/XP/Vista/7/8
Latest version:
5.14 20/7/13
Last month's downloads:
89 MB
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Download hp 8000 printer driver

User reviews hp 8000 printer driver

  • January 12, 2013, 00:16 | Posted by Charles1977

    doesn't work in win95-b. too bad -- it has some nice features.
  • January 26, 2013, 03:33 | Posted by Everard1974

    excellent work and a must have for legacy dos based games and applications. this is not the same as vmware or similar virtual machines - this is a self-contained emulator. vmware, parallels etc require you to install dos, all sound, cd-rom, vesa vbe drivers yourself. this is a stand-alone utility that has a built-in dos command interpreter, adlib/sb/sbpro/sb16/gus et al sound drivers and vesa video. it does not require virtual hard drives you simply mount a directory of your choice and assign a drive letter.for certain games this works better than virtualization. i like the fact that you can adjust the cpu clock cycles for older games that run too fast on today's machines. (wing commander is a perfect example).if you were considering setting up a vmware dos environment but don't want to go through all the fun of tweaking config.sys and autoexec.bat to get maximum base memory try this instead. highly recommended. also check the forums, lots of helpful advice on getting your old apps to run.
  • February 05, 2013, 10:13 | Posted by Enoch1989

    yeah, this little tennis game rocks !the simulation is so good, this new version is really cool :-)
  • May 07, 2013, 06:56 | Posted by Barrie1983

    winamp has been and continues to be the finest audio player for windows. with the addition of a codec pack such as k-lite it also becomes a very good video player (though media player classic is at least as good and lighter). its innumerable skins and plugins along with broad support for mobile devices keep winamp current and capable. freshly installed it handles more audio formats than anything i know of and enough video types to handle most people's needs. smart tags, replaygain support and other advanced features are in good supply and for most folks winamp is all the media manager you could want.winamp is a pretty solid app, although in recent years its become more freeze-prone than it really should be and there are a few annoying bugs that have been present since 5.x first hit the scene. the revolving door of bloatware aol keeps trying to foist upon users is also annoying but winamp still manages to be one of smallest installs among full-featured media players. fortunately the junkware is optional, but for those who long for pure speed and simplicity the classic 2.91 version still works just fine (and there's always the "lite" version of the latest release, too). if winamp has an achilles heel its probably overall user-friendliness. it doesn't hold your hand quite as much as other programs, esp. with certain advanced features, but only people who are true media program neophytes should have any real problems. if you can figure out wmp, you can probably handle winamp.winamp is simply the standard by which others are judged. nothing else combines this many features with such broad media support. i'm not a true mediaphile so i can't really speak to winamp's sound and video reproduction, but its more than sufficient for anyone i know. i can't tell the difference between a cd and an aac ripped from it. the bottom line is that i could not replace winamp, and anything that could probably wouldn't be available for free. i believe the registered version unlocks some higher level ripping and encoding options but there are very good (and friendlier) programs for that kind of thing. ironically i'm a registered winamp user since 1997, but am still waiting on my registration code. a strike against customer service, perhaps.
  • February 18, 2013, 03:32 | Posted by Malcom1975

    i definitely agree with stevepake. ive also owned every single nfs game from 1-5. this is definitely by far the best nfs game released. ive played this for awhile now, and have been through the evolution and the factory driver mode (which is a welcome addition), and i must say that it is very addicting (and fun!). i especially like the way that you can modify the cars by buying parts and installing them. much like gran turismo, but imho i think this is an easier game to play w/ less hassle than gt. i cant wait for the next release of the series. with each nfs, it just gets better. perhaps an all bmw version is in the works (hopefully)? i would love to race an ///m5... :)
  • October 22, 2012, 18:02 | Posted by Herbert1979

    you know what microsoft, by not even showing linux on your list of desktop operating systems, it makes you look even more like effing c#nts.
  • December 14, 2012, 22:04 | Posted by Thadeus1974

    not only that, but it tries to install on your computer! :-o
  • April 27, 2013, 20:15 | Posted by Austin1979

    this looks like a great program. i can't give it a rating yet since i program in i understand that in the future this program will feature as well.
  • December 05, 2012, 19:14 | Posted by Marvin1988

    i advise you to take advantage of plug-ins that offer boxedapp, they make it work more effective.

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hp 8000 printer driver


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