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realtek audio driver v5.10.0.5211

  • 7.2
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  • 307
  • 9.7
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Win 2000/XP/Vista/7/8
Latest version:
12.12 8/7/13
Last month's downloads:
82 MB
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TESTED VIRUS FREE - realtek audio driver v5.10.0.5211

realtek audio driver v5.10.0.5211 is virus-free!

We've analyzed the latest version of realtek audio driver v5.10.0.5211 with 30 antivirus engines and found that it’s virus-free.

Download realtek audio driver v5.10.0.5211

User reviews realtek audio driver v5.10.0.5211

  • February 15, 2013, 20:12 | Posted by Bertram1970

    first, you guys have a very ugly website. incredibly unprofessional right from the start.moving on, the free version is so crippled it makes it virtually useless. it's nothing more than a worthless taste to push you towards their backup4all yourself the trouble and just go purchase o&o disk image 6 pro instead.
  • April 22, 2013, 04:25 | Posted by Brendan1976

    where can i find a list of what's in it?is there optional install for different codecs?can i install the 32-bit and the 64-bit packs? should i?
  • December 07, 2012, 12:08 | Posted by Asher1989

    the worst internet security you could ever choose. do not use this! the product is terrible, and the customer service is even worse! terrible terrible terrible!!!
  • April 29, 2013, 06:07 | Posted by Neil1971

    some features have been taken out from 8.0 to 9.0. also, the support is non-existent and seems not to care to help customers. sloe implementation of new encryption codecs. put simply, find another product!
  • April 01, 2013, 18:43 | Posted by Rudolph1977

    i don't understand why it's not secure at all as the list you're talking about is based on signed files.did you ever install any malware digitally signed ?comodo worked on a software more friendly as lot of people were lost with all the alerts they had to create rules, alerts for the firewall, alerts for defense+, as they didnt know what to do with all those, comodo can run with a limited number of rules to create for common users that hate all those complicated softwares with tones of settings and alerts.but what i like the best is that comodo is still configurable to have full control on the traffic with alerts for anything, so you create many rules for each process, or use predefined policies like "browser policy" or "ftp client" , "email client, outgoing only, trusted apps and blocked apps.the defense+ is a powerfull security tool to monitor all files activities and decide what a file will be allowed to do on the system.defense+ is protecting by default important files and folders, you can add your own files and folders rule, there's a default protected reg keys and you can also add your own keys you want to protect, there's a protected com interfaces also configurable like you want.and to help defense+ configuration, there's a sandbox where anything that's not part of trusted software vendors is launched sandboxed with a level of security you chose to run the file sandboxed. there are several levels of security from partially limited to blocked. setting blocked for unknown files is too high as the file cant run so just before blocked you have "untrusted files" that will launch the unknown file with not enough rights to corrupt your system.the files unrecognized will stay into the sandbox as long as you decide about it. if you know the file, so it's not a problem, sometimes comodo doesnt know all softwares, and the unrecognized files sandboxed stored into a specific place are submitted to the cloud so, they're analysed and if they're unknown, after some days, they'll be classified as trusted or not,even if you didnt install the av, you got the cloud that will inform you about the unrecognized file.this software is really great and needs to be tested, you can use the version with the av, but i like comodo for his firewall and defense+i use a shareware as antivirus to complete comodo.
  • October 28, 2012, 00:23 | Posted by Edward1974

    no problems here...
  • December 15, 2012, 08:34 | Posted by Marcus1979

    ok point one:this program says it edits csv extension files and guess what, it does and extremely fast too. i use this to edit my csv files if i only need quick changes otherwise i load up ms excel or open office calc, but this program could handle atleast from what i have seen any csv file editing needed. so i give it a high 4.
  • November 11, 2012, 04:24 | Posted by Derek1979

    i hear you! i had to reinstall my os because i used the registry cleaner! with such small files being installed into the registry, just leave it alone. there is no way that any registry cleaner could possibly know all of the file names that program writers make up and install. bad idea!
  • September 17, 2012, 18:34 | Posted by Giles1987

    do not install unless you have a intel board as that is what intel web site states.i have just bricked my asus rampage ii and can not get to post nor if does start reading bios will not get me to point that i can enter bios, also will not boot from do not install !

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realtek audio driver v5.10.0.5211


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